Girl Child
Harrison k (Harry)

"Girl child" is a landscape painting by Harrison k, he describes it as one of his best pieces. the painting novel qualities include the subject cryptic expression of the girlchild, monumentality of the composition, the subtle harmonizing of the elements and the atmospheric figment. the title is based on presumption that it depicts attaining futurity. the cloud above her defines her ambitions in life, the sea is the hurdle she has to endure, it can be rough, calm, deep, shallow, cold or tepid. the sun at the horizon represents her milestone mark. the girl child appears alive with open arms ready to dominate the world she stands upon. The painting was influenced by international day for the girl child in 2020. theme was "my voice, our equal future".
Genre: Painting
Medium: Oil
Size: 83cm by 88 cm
Year Created: 2020